La Playa Beach Resort

La Playa Beach Resort

Location: Morong, Bataan

Owner: Mr. Nestor Pineda

Playa La Caleta is a virgin resort sitting along the shores near Morong, Bataan. Lush green forests and pristine sand, reminiscent of the golden powdery sands of Boracay greet visitors as they set foot on the beach resort.

Playa La Caleta is the place to be when you want an escape from the busy city environment. There is no electricity yet, and the mobile phone signal is very low. There are no residents around the beach, except of course, for the caretakers. So you're assured that there would be no uninvited guests and the place is all yours for the taking.<

Resort caretakers put up gazebos, swings, and beach beds for visitors and tourists to use. The resort also provides a lot of space for beach activities like volleyball, Frisbee, kite flying and even picture-taking. If you know that little grotto island in Boracay, this island is like 10 times bigger than that.

Tour to Playa comes in different packages. A tour price of Php1,100 covers boat transfer from Balanga, Bataan to the island and vice versa, overnight accommodation and food for the entire overnight stay. The other package which costs Php2,100 includes an air-conditioned room accommodation, boat transfers, food for the entire overnight stay, plus an extra-Playa La Caleta massage.

Both packages exclude land transportation transfer, which is about Php120 if you're taking a bus from Five Star terminal in Cubao going to Balanga, Bataan, and private van rental, which costs Php150 from Balanga going to the boat area.

Travel Information:
La Playa is in Nagbalayong in Morong. It is 175 km from Manila. It takes 1 1/2-2 hours upon reaching it from Balanga by taking Mini Bus.


La Playa Beach Resort