West Nuk Beach

West Nuk Beach

Location: Morong, Bataan

Owner: Ms. Milagros Castro

Contact Number: (02)9213304/ (02)9213451

West Nuk Beach Resort in Morong Bataan; a beach resort owned by Philippine National Power Corporation or NPC for short and enjoyed the water. I believe not everybody who likes to go here can actually visit the place. It is a private resort owned by the Philippine Government. Luckily, Gen knows someone who works in NPC thatís why we had an access to stay in this very beautiful beach resort.

Travel Information:
It is located in Nagbalayong Beach in Morong alongside the other beach resort. It is 174 km and 2-3 hour drive from Manila. It is also 45 min from Olongapo.


West Nuk Beach